Is burn fitness hard to find in London? Sweat in WE11!

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WE 11 - Designed by Bergman Design House

Have you been amused by how fancy BXR London  and Sweat by BXR in Qatar are? Are you ready to build those muscles, but maybe you don’t want to commit or you would rather get your burn fitness on the hour? Well, WE 11 in London is the perfect place for you, as it isn’t just unique in its design, but also in its features and subscriptions.

Another burn fitness studio, the perfect place for weight lifting in London, designed by Bergman Design House, making sure you get your sweat and muscles in one session! As we are lovers of fitness, it is always our great pleasure to be working on Fitness Studios or Boxing Clubs.

We have already completed more than one boxing club, one of them being BXR in London and the other one being Sweat by BXR in Qatar! In these articles you can learn all about our inspiration, what drove us when designing, how we aimed to give you the absolute luxurious boxing club experience when going to both places and now, we are excited to tell you how we have designed this modern, minimalist gym space with a twist.

However, let’s be frank - Is there anything that comes without a twist with Bergman? Not really. A burn fitness studio couldn’t be born without us trying to push our limits and create a space, where everyone feels welcome and absolutely not intimidated by weights and different types of workouts.


WE 11 - Designed by Bergman Design House

But the questions remain:

Why is WE11 different?

How did we make weights approachable for everyone?

What more can WE11 offer than any other gym?

Read along and let’s find out!


What inspired the design of WE 11


When we were working on this fitness studio, we wanted to make sure that the design is modern, minimal, yet it gives an exciting experience when you enter. We all know how gyms look like and how a minimal gym design would look like, but there is always a way to make a more simple design stand out of the crowd and create excitement.

One of the ways we wanted to make this whole burn fitness and weight lifting experience unique was by adding exciting materials and finishes, such as the ribbed timber paneling on the walls or the terrazzo tiles throughout the whole space.

WE 11 is unique, not just in its minimal and fun design, but in its approach to fitness.


So exactly how is WE 11 different?




WE 11 - Designed by Bergman Design House

Like we mentioned, the space appears to be minimal. But not just in creation and decoration, but in the services it offers. What does it mean? Don’t grasp, it’s an idea, which is unique and super exciting to everyone, who is afraid or unable to make a commitment.

Since most gyms require memberships - either monthly, quarterly or yearly to offer certain benefits, it usually feels like a big investment with our time and money. WE 11 is here to challenge this ideology and focus more on circularity and a sustainable workout model.


So how is that possible and what does this mean exactly?

WE 11’s fitness approach lies in circularity, which means you can pay hourly - as a customer and as a trainer too. There is no need for commitment, as the goal is to comfort you and your needs. If you are someone, who is living a lifestyle, which requires a lot of travel, monthly memberships wouldn’t be your best friend, as you would not get the best return on your investment while being away half the month.

This model came to life to ease this tension and help anyone, who is leading a busy lifestyle, to enjoy working out in a more sustainable way. It is contract free and you can have access to a personal trainer, who would help you reach your fitness goals easily.

Now that we have praised the workout studio itself, we need to look at a few other features WE 11 has in store for their clients, because trust us - we didn’t just take this job for the good looks. We loved it for the ideas.

What more can WE11 offer than any other gym?


WE 11 - Designed by Bergman Design House

For starters, the option of contractless workout experience, but on top of that? A unique lounge and co-working area where you can spend your day before or after workout. Sure, co-working places aren’t anything new, but isn’t something unexpected to have within a fitness studio’s range? It definitely is.

As WE 11 is located on two floors, the top floor is dedicated to serve its customers, who can either be heading to a workout session and just looking for a quick pre workout or a protein shake and they are on the go, or…Entertain those, who wish to spend the day and work there amongst other individuals. The space is designed in a way to accommodate those, who may just want to lounge here, enjoy a coffee, but with the high tables and chairs, it is giving you a quite comfortable space to work in.

Now let’s talk about the design of the first floor of this burn fitness studio



WE 11 - Designed by Bergman Design House


It is the poshest industrial haven you can find in London (or at least we would like to think so). The journey of the terrazzo tiles starts here. On this level, we have added irregularly shaped terrazzo inlays to the otherwise simple gray flooring. The ribbed timber paneling is one of the main elements of this space, crowning the bar, which looks a little bit like a nineties boombox with the round lights behind.


This feature we found particularly exciting, as it compliments the industrial look of the space. If you take a deeper look into it, you realize that this floor is separated into different areas. One of them being the lounge area, lower round tables, benches and chairs, where you can enjoy a good coffee or mentioned protein shakes.

But if you look around, you will notice the seamless timber built in tables surrounding the space, which clearly separate the work environment from the lounge area. These tables and seats are designed to ergonomically compliment your day of co-working, so hopefully you will not leave with a sore back.

However, if that would be the case, then luckily all you need to do is to book a session and work on those tired back muscles. We are really proud of this project, as it is showcasing a new, forward thinking idea, which is something Bergman Design House always wanted to stand for.

This place is a beautiful example of showing how simplicity can become complex, without looking or acting harsh. Giving an outstanding workout experience isn’t just about the equipment or the place, it is about the surroundings and the opportunities a space has to offer.

Designing a space, where both men and women would feel comfortable working out was a challenge we happily took on, as it gave us the opportunity to stretch our design muscles a bit and work on a new and exciting concept.



WE 11 - Designed by Bergman Design House

Throughout the history of Bergman Design House, we have had the pleasure to work on multiple gym designs and we are currently in the process of designing even more, which is something we are truly grateful for. Gyms and workouts are personal, as customers are going to these places to feel uplifted and high on adrenaline after (or before) a tough day and we firmly believe good design can help deliver this experience.

We have one more space, which we haven’t shown you yet and if you start browsing around our website, we are sure you will find it, however in this article, we will keep it a secret for a little longer, so you can come back excited next time and read about it.

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