GQ Magazine "Inside the Superyacht Boom"

The pandemic has seen a record-breaking rise in the number of superyacht sales, as the ultra-wealthy flock to spend their time at sea. From Vitamin-C enriched water and air-purifying bathroom tiles, to submarine moon pools and snowmobiles, these floating palaces are obscenely luxurious..

Since the pandemic began, the majority of us have experienced the sensation that our worlds are getting smaller, confined as we have been to sofas, screens and staycations. The very idea of wonton globe-trotting seems almost inconceivable, at least without an accompanying mountain of anxiety and paperwork.

Not so, however, for the one per cent, who have fuelled explosive growth in one particular niche of the travel industry: superyachts. For the wealthiest among us, a floating home offers a retreat from rules, fast-spreading variants and other people (the private jet industry has also seen a similar boom). There were more than 1000 superyachts sold in 2021, a record-breaking number with a surge among first-time buyers particularly. Not for nothing, the number of billionaires reported by Forbes simultaneously hit an all-time high.