"Galaxy is no longer just another white Superyacht gracing the ocean along the french riviera, she has been transformed into a new private owners own floating universe, a home which encapsulates their lifestyle and a design that has never been done before onboard a yacht of this kind. Galaxy is now a destination, a marvel that touches all your body's senses and excites and embraces you with its energy each step you take onboard, Galaxy will now transport her new owners into another dimension. Says Sarah Colbon

Galaxy was a Refit broken down into phases so the client can enjoy the yacht they have just purchased whilst allowing us to create their own universe onboard through our design. Phase one of the project took place in spring 2021, adding new rugs, artwork, exterior seating and cushions and generally upstyling the interior so they could enjoy a summer season onboard whilst living in the space that felt more like their home. This way also allowed them to live in the space, know what areas would become comfortable and know which spaces are never used, this helps us with feedback from them to apply this into our designs for the full refit phase, every piece we placed on board in phase one flowed into phase two so nothing was spared or wasted. Once the concept was agreed, the past three months we have done a full interior refit on the main guest areas and exterior styling so that the yacht has had a truly new lease of life and now has been totally transformed, this was the shortest time frame any superyacht has ever gone under a refit. Together with the trust and can do attitude from the owners, Monaco Marine shipyard and the formidable crew, Galaxy has done just that.

Galaxy - Refit has just completed this month and is set to sail to the Caribbean from Europe to meet its owners for the big party reveal of the design. 
Our Design of Galaxy goes far beyond the concept to create the Owners own universe which is now their home.

Just some of the wow and Special Features:
Dylan Cole was a once in a lifetime commission artist from Disney's Avatar, Maleficent, Superman etc designed the clients own Pandora world onboard Galaxy with the first ever yacht project this artist has ever done outside of hollywood movies. The wall covering covers the whole main saloon and has now created their very own private members club deck for entertaining throughout the evening but can also be switched off in the day to enjoy the space for relaxing and yoga. 

Joseph Kibansky artist: The Thinker is one of the most iconic sculpture pieces onboard Galaxy and will I'm sure be the centerpiece of the whole experience. We also have the Turtles onboard and they are a firm favourite already. 

The materials used are all from natural elements from rock crystals, fully sustainable fabrics, to the wood used specifically to enhance those senses as you walk across the floor. It's like waves beneath your feet (see attached example)

The organic furniture designed by Njord and produced by BlackBerg Collection. Exterior wise we have rebranded her look and feel from the nameplate logo and lifted youth into her exterior styling with black painted mast and line accents and a
full paint of the hull to freshen new life into her. 

What is the studio's overall yacht interior design philosophy? 
Their philosophy is to create environments for their clients that are shaped by the future, rooted in today’s reality, therefore making it relevant tomorrow. “It's simply because it’s our duty. In every choice we make for our clients, we must envision what tomorrow’s today will look like” says Albin Berglund. "We respect every aspect of their lifestyle as if it was our own, acknowledge and embrace them as family and friends, which in turn allows them to instil their trust into us which ultimately translates in our design" says Albin
Njord, takes its name from the Norse god of wind and waters. Njord’s mission, as interior designers are to encapsulate the land, sea and air and design only natural elements to identify the work of those who work alongside them. 

How did the studio come to work on yachts? 
In late 2020, Marie and Albin discovered that many of their clients were spending so much time onboard their yachts before and during the pandemic, so they Co-founded Njord, a superyacht interior design division in partnership with Sarah Colbon, one of the most connected and knowledgeable woman in yachting who has worked with some of the world's most iconic yachts on the water today.

Our clients were saying they loved their yachts to charter and go away for a week or two, but they didn’t feel like home when they lived onboard for up to 6-9 months, bad storage, lighting not good enough, not comfortable and no privacy for them or their families
and friends. Because organically Bergman had already been doing their palaces and private residences, we knew their lifestyles, how they lived so we jumped in and explored how we could make a yacht feel more like a home,” Marie says. Once our design work was out there, then came the other clients who once they spoke to us about the changes they wished to make and their desires, dreams and visions for thier now home. They soon realised with Njord it will all become a reality.