Njord recently develped the intricate design interior of 83m Motor Yacht EDEN for a client. Eden's interior has been inspired by the ocean to bestow great delight, happiness and contented bliss for the owner and their guests.

Njords client for Eden is an experienced yacht owner, this can be a huge benefit to the designers when it comes to the team working together to deliver the clients vision. “The first thoughts when consulting with the client was the discussion surrounding, comfort, home from home, clean air, wellness and functionality. We wanted to bring onboard the most organic shaped place on earth, the Ocean” said Sarah Colbon.  

Design feature one – Creating the Ocean effect – Our vision was to imagine a drop of water falling onto the floor, creating a ripple effect over the surfaces of the yacht. This inspired both the wood flooring that created circular pattern hues from dark to light and combined with the water cut marble table in the main salon, we were able to blend the exterior with the interior in a calm subtle elegant way. 

Design feature two- Creating the “Air” of well-being and wellness – The request from our client was to create the cleanest air throughout Eden, ensuring the Air conditioning and Air filtration systems worked with the interior. We were able to include a full extended spa experience onboard with UV treated high pressure water and infrared sauna. A salt room that purifies the air you breathe was designed with a view just above the waves of the Sanctuary room. Circulation of the purest air is a big part of Eden’s interior experience and was an important design feature throughout.  

Design feature three – Removing weight and adding “Smart Technology” - Weight is of course a big factor to consider when developing the interior concept, and there are many aspects to this where functionality and technology (and a bit of "out of the box" thinking) really can play a big role. We developed for Eden a new version of the Smart Glass product that with electricity changes transparency in the hues of the sunset colours.  

From fully clear to completely opaque. But not the typical clear to “frosted” look. We then developed a way we can make it more or less opaque depending on the voltage running through the glass.  
Also the colours arise from the top of the glass acting as a shade in the most beautiful sunset ombre hues and the more voltage applied the hues spread down the glass until it is fully opaque in and specified colour. 
Playing this to all windows we don't see the use of curtains and save on weight and on cleaning. Simple but magnificent and functional.  

Design feature four – Taking away “Height limitations”.  Understanding what is architectural achievable and how we as interior designers can emphasise the desired effect is part of what we as designers love to do, be challenged and produce the vision. The task ahead was to create an illusional “height” to the space onboard Eden, the whole main saloon was designed to have a ripple effect reflected ceiling, imitating the ocean. Together with the opening to the floor above the barrier between ceiling and double ceiling seem to disappear. We were able to blur the boundaries, literally and the effect is a sense of height and elegance. We were able to achieve this by producing a unique type of foil stretched lycra material that would imitate the look of metal but with a fraction of its weight.