Fancy, but easy rustic Christmas Table Decor - rock the high end residential style

Rustic Christmas Table Decor 6

Close up of our rustic Christmas table decor

Are you ready for the most wonderful time of the year in high end residential style? Many of us celebrate Christmas (including us), and we also love designing our own Christmas table decor and this year we  have decided on a rustic Christmas table decor.

While it may look complicated, it isn’t and with a little imagination and smart color selections, you will be able to re-create a look that is similar to this one. As it is one of our favourite seasons, Marie usually shares a lot of inspiration and styling ideas on all Bergman’s Socials, such as Instagram and Pinterest which has captured the attention of Living Etc in Britain. For this reason, we would like to share snippets of the piece, where she is talking about Christmas decoration in high end residential style.


Overview of the rustic Christmas table decor

Marie’s view on high end residential Christmas Decoration

Rustic Christmas Table DecorRustic Christmas Table Decor 4

Details of Christmas Decoration

​​- With the festive season approaching, how do you plan to decorate your own home for the festive season? Please give specifics of items, themes, etc:

I love Christmas! Believe it or not I am that person that starts decorating Mid november! as we live in a loft style penthouse, we have lots of exposed metal beams and I love using this to hang Christmas Garland with light.

Big 7 foot tree next to the industrial fireplace etc 



- Do you have any festive rituals/traditions at home? 

Mostly gathering around the fireplace, music and playing every sort of board game, good company on a dark evening are the epitome of Hygge. My husband is Swedish so Glogg is becoming one of our ritual every evening with Glogg, raisin and almonds building ginger houses.

- Do you ever do festive decorating for your clients and if you do, how do you approach it? 

We do it on friendly bases using foliage and sourcing all Christmas decorations etc. sometimes I find myself purchasing Christmas decorations from Copenhagen for me and my clients!

- What are your top tips for anyone planning to decorate their own home this festive season? 

Choose Color Scheme, Go for big decorations rather than small ones esp on the tree. Print lots of images in Black and white of friends, family, memories you treasure and use it on the Christmas tree decoration. I find it's really sweet, brings a smile, Authentic, Elegant and on budget.

- Please describe the trends you're seeing coming out this year (e.g. certain colour schemes for Christmas, any values e.g. sustainability, etc)

The use of Cork, Felt, and wool in shades of whites and natural colors. simple and beautiful but also sustainable. 

Every year we do a competition in our Bergman studio to find the best design and designers come up with wonderful ideas, made of plaster, mud, timber, and fabrics.

Using what you have at home can be really cool idea to bond with the little ones.  

You can read the full article here.

Creating a high end residential Rustic Christmas Table Decor

Detail shots of our rustic Christmas table decor

While it may seem complicated, trust us when we say - it is not. You most likely already own almost everything you may need for a set up, such as this one. 

But what would you need to create a rustic Christmas table decor and make it high end residential? Here is our list of items that would help you create the perfect styling for this bohem and imperfect look.

Things you may already own:

  • Set of plates
  • Christmas style Napkins (if possible, even 2-3 variations)
  • Napkin rings
  • Small Christmas ornaments

Things you may need to purchase:

  • Eucalyptus (or a plant of your choice)
  • Various dry flowers
  • Candles (scent of your choice)

Alright, now comes the main part of our rustic Christmas Table Decor design - the styling!

How to style a Rustic Christmas Table Centerpiece?

rustic Christmas Table Decor 3rustic Christmas Table Decor 4

First, lay down the eucalyptus and make sure it runs through the centre and leaves enough space for the plates and the rest of the items you will put on the table. This is going to be your base.

Then set the plates on the table as you would do it for a formal dinner usually. Once you are done with the set up, you can add the variety of napkins with a ring of your choice - that matches your color scheme. We would suggest an uneven number for the main colors, maybe 3-5 so it can look a little more bohemian, while still keeping a high end residential look and feel.

Once you have the plates and the core of your styling set up, you can start adding the dry flowers by making sure they are spread throughout the table. They don’t have to be even, as we are creating a more rustic look - you should have fun while styling, so don’t worry about imperfection. You definitely need it here!

Finally, once all the flowers and plates are at their final resting spot, you can add the Christmas Ornaments to your mix of styling and voila! Your rustic Christmas Table Decor is ready for dinner! It was easier than you thought, right?


rustic Christmas Table Decor 2

Emma helping with the rustic Christmas table decor

Like we said, a few rules should be followed throughout the process - but remember to make it personal and fun, as the goal of this is to enjoy creating and later on spending time with your family and friends. Christmas is all about gratitude, good food, fun and beautiful decor and all things yummy which make the winter season magical.

We hope you enjoyed our little Rustic Christmas Table decor styling tips - Don’t forget to take a peek at our socials, where we share more Christmas Styling tips, as well as videos and images of our current and upcoming projects for Bergman Interiors.

Happy Holidays!

rustic Christmas Table Decor 1

Marie, Emma, Brockman at the Christmas tree